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Veterinarians working with a variety of patients including small pets, farm animals, and large animals often struggle to manage their finances. At Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA, we provide the financial tools these veterinarians need keep up with daily accounting and the tax planning strategies to minimize tax obligations. You can be confident our vet CPA firm will understand your financial obstacles and concerns because we specialize in working with the veterinary industry.

When you become our client, we'll be by your side to skillfully manage your accounting and plan for the financial future of your veterinary practice. We'll not only keep your books in order and ensure your bills are paid on time but we'll uncover ways to reduce expenses and retain more of your profits. We'll also create a tax plan that ensures your practice is always in compliance with current tax legislation while taking advantage of every break and incentive available for veterinarians. With our support and guidance, you'll be equipped to build a longstanding veterinary practice and increase your personal wealth.

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