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Tax Coaching

tax coaching for veterinarians

As a veterinarian, your passion is working with animals, not working with numbers. To maximize business profits and personal wealth, you need the expertise and sound guidance of a skilled tax coach like Peter Freuler Jr CPA. As a Certified Tax Coach (CTC), we save veterinarians significant money on business and personal taxes. We offer an integrated approach to tax planning that looks at your entire financial picture to recommend comprehensive tax strategies that will reduce your overall tax burden.

When we become your tax coach, we work with you to create a plan designed to minimize taxes through proactive planning. We'll make sure you take advantage of all appropriate tax breaks and deductions while staying compliant with current tax regulations to avoid IRS scrutiny. We also maintain consistent communication with you throughout the year to discuss business decisions that could have tax consequences. These comprehensive tax coaching services will increase business cash flow, build value into your practice, and help you preserve more of what you work so hard to earn.

Tax coaching services for veterinarians:

  • Strategic tax planning
  • Preserving wealth for practice owners
  • Increased personal and business cash flow
  • Accurate tax preparation for you and your practice
  • Financial consulting

To learn more about our innovative tax planning strategies for vets, call us at 407-847-6600 now or request a free consultation online.