Veterinarian CPA Accounting

Veterinary Practice Consulting

Peter J. Freuler & Associates, CPA is dedicated to improving the financial health of veterinary practices throughout Florida. Our CPAs possess the skills and experience to provide high-level financial analysis for all types of veterinarians. We go beyond routine accounting and bookkeeping to offer services like benchmarking, new practice startup, and acquisition due diligence.

Veterinary Practice Benchmarking

Our benchmarking analysis of your veterinary practice will allow you to measure business performance and make operational improvements to increase profitability.

Veterinary Practice Startup

Our firm will advise you on proactive tax strategies, setup an accounting system, and will determine the best business structure for your new veterinary practice.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We perform due diligence reviews that prepare for the sale of a practice or a strategic acquisition and maximize the value of the transaction while minimizing taxes.

To learn more about our practice consulting services for veterinarians, give us a call at 407-847-6600 or request a free consultation online.